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Winged Tip Tuxedo Shirts

Winged Tip Shirts

Winged Tip ShirtsTuxedos may very well be the most graceful and dignified of all men’s formal wear options. When you drape yourself in such refined apparel, it is important that all of the pieces of the ensemble work well together. Putting the wrong pieces into the tuxedo arrangement can produce rather clownish results, achieving the exact opposite of the desired effect that one hopes for when wearing such fine clothing.

When assembling a tuxedo ensemble, you can’t just throw in any old dress shirt and expect to achieve the desired appearance. Tuxedo shirts are an integral part of any proper tuxedo ensemble, and of all of the styles of tuxedo shirts available to distinguished male shoppers, the wing tip collar tuxedo shirts may very well be the most elegant and refined of them.

When one imagines the tuxedos worn by nobility and the higher casts of society, the shirts imagined are normally those of the wing tip variety. This shirt style is marked by its unique and tasteful collar. The collar of this shirt style stands straight, gently embracing the neck, except for at the very front of the collar where the corner tips of the edges are gracefully bent over to form a wing-type appearance. This style of shirt is normally worn with a bow tie, with the wings of the collar creating a backdrop that enhances the appearance of the tie.

While wing tip tuxedo shirts are available in various colors, unless you’re a child or a young adult who can get away with looking a little less traditional, you’ll want to stick with the tried and true staple of white. Anything less may reduce one’s aura of refined dignity and sophistication.

If the pure cotton wing tip shirts are out of your price range, you need not despair. There is a wing-tip tuxedo shirt that can fit your budget. This shirt style is also available in a poly/cotton blend. While it is not as luxurious as pure cotton, it will generate the same visual effect and will be a lot less detrimental to your pocketbook.

When you receive an elegant invitation that is etched with the words “White Tie Invited,” a pique wing tip collar tuxedo shirt is in your future. Out of all of the tuxedo shirts available on the market, the pique wing tip tuxedo shirts are the only tuxedo shirts suitable for the most formal of tuxedo styles – the tuxedo tails.

If your event is not so formal, you can get away with a different tuxedo style and enjoy the luxurious comfort that is offered by the wing tip tuxedo shirts that are made of 100 percent cotton. While these shirts tend to be a bit pricier, the feel of the fabric on your skin and the look of such an elegant shirt is well worth the extra cost.

Whether you choose the pique wing tip tuxedo shirt, the 100% cotton wing tip tuxedo shirt or the poly/cotton blend wing tip tuxedo shirt, one thing is certain – you will be adorned in the most regal of attire and your appearance will reflect the good taste and style that is inherent to your nature.

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