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Poly Cotton Tuxedo Shirts

Poly Cotton Shirts

Poly Cotton ShirtsThe choice of which tuxedo shirt you purchase for your tuxedo ensemble isn’t limited to the style of shirt you wish to wear. You will also need to decide which tuxedo shirt material is right for you. Tuxedo shirts traditionally come in one of two different materials. These materials include 100-percent cotton, and a poly-cotton blend. Which of these materials is right for you will depend on what style of tuxedo you are wearing and how much of your budget is allocated to the purchase of this piece of men’s formal wear.

Poly/cotton tuxedo shirts are made from a combination of polyester and cotton. This type of tuxedo shirt is a less expensive alternative to its 100-percent cotton counterpart. The material tends to be a little less comfortable than the 100-percent cotton tuxedo shirts, but when budget is an issue, it is often necessary to sacrifice one for the other. How much of a difference is noticeable between poly/cotton tuxedo shirts and 100% cotton tuxedo shirts depends on the ratio of polyester to cotton in a particular shirt.

On one hand, polyester is a synthetic material that tends to be more durable than cotton. Because of this, the more polyester that is in the blend of the tuxedo shirt, the more durable the shirt will be. On the other hand, poly/cotton tuxedo shirts are more rigid than 100% cotton tuxedo shirts and therefore, do not drape the body as well as the more expensive of the two.

Tuxedo shirts are available in different poly/cotton blends. The ratio of polyester to cotton will have an impact on the appearance and feel of the shirt. However, the affect on the appearance won’t be as noticeable as the affect of the material on the feel of the shirt, considering the shirt is worn under a jacket. The more cotton that is in the polyester to cotton ratio, the more luxurious the shirt will be. The traditional ratio of a poly/cotton blend is 65/35, although you might find blends in an 80/20 mixture or a 50/50 mixture. Which of these blends is right for you will depend on your personal preferences and your budget.

If price isn’t an option, then your decision can be ruled solely by your personal preferences. Just remember that a 50/50 poly/cotton blend can cost you almost half as much as the same shirt in a 100-percent cotton material and these tuxedo shirts are more likely to last longer. Poly/cotton blends are easier to launder and iron and they tend to wrinkle less. The fact that they are also lighter than the 100-percent cotton shirts is an added bonus if you’re going to be wearing your tuxedo in hot weather.

The best way to figure out which of the poly/cotton tuxedo shirts is right for you is to try them on and see which one fits you best and which of these tuxedo shirts you are more comfortable in.

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