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Pique and Pinwhale Tuxedo Shirts

Pique and Pinwhale

Pique and PinwhaleTuxedos have been a staple of men’s formal wear for generations. When shopping for a tuxedo ensemble, one soon realizes that a tuxedo is a lot more than just a fancy jacket and trousers. Tuxedo shirts and accessories also play an integral role in a proper tuxedo package. When wearing a tuxedo, not just any old shirt will do. One must take care to pick a shirt that is specifically made for wear with a tuxedo ensemble. Showing up in a tuxedo jacket with an everyday, button-down dress shirt will definitely draw attention, but not the right kind.

Tuxedo shirts come in a variety of styles. The most notable difference in tuxedo shirts is the different collar types, but tuxedo shirts also come in different materials and shirt fronts as well. This allows one to display a bit of individuality in their appearance, while retaining the sophistication and integrity of the tuxedo as a whole. Three of the most popular tuxedo shirt styles to choose from include pique, pinwhale and pleated.

The most common shirt front featured on tuxedo shirts is the pleated shirt front. These shirts generally feature quarter-inch pleats running down the front of the shirt. These pleats are what set the lay-down collar tuxedo shirts apart from your everyday button-down shirt. However, pleated shirt fronts are not the only texture or appearance available in today’s tuxedo shirts. Men can also choose from pique tuxedo shirts and pinwhale tuxedo shirts.

Pique tuxedo shirts are a must if one is going to be attending an event where they will be wearing tuxedo tails. In fact, the only time that pique tuxedo shirts should be worn is when one is wearing the classic tuxedo tails. Pique tuxedo shirts are not pleated. Instead of pleats, this tuxedo shirt style features a front that is made of a pique material. From afar, pique tuxedo shirts look like cotton tuxedo shirts without pleats, but when inspected closely, the right side of pique material is almost honey-comb like in appearance. This textured material is woven to give a distinguished and dignified appearance and is an excellent choice for white tie events.

In addition to pleated and pique styles of tuxedo shirts, men may also choose what is called a pinwhale style. Pinwhale tuxedo shirts are becoming increasingly popular in the men’s formal wear fashion world. The pinwhale tuxedo shirts feature a flat front, but the fabric itself features very fine ridges. Corduroy is a type of pinwhale fabric, but tuxedo shirts are obviously made of a much finer version. Pinwhale tuxedo shirts are not a common as the other tuxedo shirt styles, but they are just as fashionable and wear beautifully.

Unless you’re wearing tuxedo tails, the type of tuxedo shirt you choose will be largely determined by your personal tastes and your budget. Finding which tuxedo shirts fit you best and what is most comfortable to you is important. When wearing tuxedo shirts that fit well and feel good, it’s easier to be more confident in your tuxedo.

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