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Mandarin Tuxedo Shirts

Mandarin Shirts

Mandarin ShirtsIf you dread the idea of dressing up in a tuxedo and you’re not exactly the poster child for men’s formal wear, you might be surprised to learn that tuxedos have gone through a significant evolution throughout the past years. Gone are the days when every tuxedo was accompanied by tails and a top hat; and welcome to the age where there is a tuxedo to match every personality, taste and style. From something as significant as the jacket of the tuxedo ensemble, to something as subtle as the tuxedo shirt, tuxedos offer numerous ways to personalize one’s appearance.

A perfect example of the evolution of the tuxedo shirt is the mandarin collar tuxedo shirt. The mandarin collar tuxedo shirt has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that one can combine the elements of a traditional, classic-style dress with a new, more modern flair and achieve a look that defines the sophistication of men’s formal wear. This contemporary style of tuxedo shirt is a favorite among the younger gentlemen who want something a little different than what their fathers’ classic wing-tip shirts offered.

The mandarin collar tuxedo shirt, also known as the band collar tuxedo shirt, is marked by its band collar that stands straight up and meets in the front of the shirt with a single button. Men who hate to wear ties can rejoice in the fact that the mandarin collar tuxedo shirt doesn’t require one. Instead, when wearing a mandarin collar, men will usually wear a decorative button cover that will go over the button of the collar. This shirt is generally featured with quarter-inch pleats going down the front, offering a bit of tradition to this contemporary style.

Black and white tie events don’t normally allow for a large display of individuality, which is why the mandarin collar tuxedo shirt is becoming increasingly popular. It allows one to display a certain level of individuality and contemporary flair, while still adhering to a dress code that calls for nothing less than the sophistication of a tuxedo.

The traditional and acceptable color of a mandarin collar tuxedo shirt is plain white, although some “banded” mandarin collar tuxedo shirts are being introduced that display a black band around the collar of the shirt. This contrasting color scheme results in additional diversity and individuality to an already contemporary tuxedo shirt. However, if the event you will be attending is extremely traditional and formal, it is suggested that you avoid the alternative color schemes available in mandarin collar tuxedo shirts and opt for the traditional white.

Unlike wing tip collar tuxedo shirts and lay-down collar tuxedo shirts, the mandarin collar tuxedo shirt is generally not worn with French cuffs. Instead, the shirt is worn with what is called a convertible cuff. Some convertible cuffs will not allow for cuff links, and if a decorative cuff accessory is desired when wearing these cuffs, button covers will be necessary.

The next time you find yourself in need of formal attire, and you desire something a little out of the ordinary, you’ll want to take a look at the mandarin collar tuxedo shirt. You’ll be sure to discover why this style of tuxedo shirt is one of the fastest growing fashion trends in men’s formal wear.

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