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Laydown Tuxedo Shirts

Laydown Shirts

Laydown ShirtsMany styles of men’s formal wear have come and gone through the ages. The tuxedo, however, has been a staple of men’s formal wear wardrobes since its inception, when it was introduced to society by royalty. The various tux styles may have been altered and added to over the years, but the basis of the tuxedo remains the same. The only thing time has done to this truly remarkable wardrobe ensemble, is enhance it.

When you are putting together your tuxedo ensemble, you have a variety of tux shirts to choose from; one of them being the laydown collar tuxedo shirt. While the laydown collar tuxedo shirt, also known as the turned-down-collar shirt, was not very popular when it was first introduced to the formal-wear fashion world, however this style of tuxedo shirt has experienced a steady growth in popularity due to its combination of both traditional and contemporary styling.

The laydown collar tuxedo shirt features a collar that is similar to the collars found on your average button-down dress shirt. The collar of this shirt folds over around the neck and offers a wide division between the front points. The laydown collar tux shirts normally feature quarter-inch pleats down the front, as do the wing tip collar tux shirts. However, they are also found in non-pleated, plain front shirts as well. This type of tuxedo shirt tends to present an appearance as formal as the wing tip collar shirt, but a more traditional effect than the mandarin collar tuxedo shirts. These shirts are generally available in pure cotton materials or a poly/cotton blend, though sometimes you will find these shirts in a 100% soft polyester material.

When purchasing a laydown collar tux shirt, you will generally have two cuff styles to choose from. These shirts are generally available with French cuffs and convertible cuffs, although it is possible to find other cuff styles. French cuffs fold over and allow for decorative cuff links, whereas convertible cuffs do not fold over but can be worn with the shirt buttons or cuff links. When trying to achieve a refined and traditional appearance, the French cuffs are the cuffs of choice.

When purchasing a laydown collar tuxedo shirt with French cuffs, many men will choose studs to match the cufflinks they have chosen. These studs take the place of the plastic buttons that the shirt comes with. This provides a more elegant and decorative appearance. Cufflinks and studs come in both silver and gold, as well as the more elaborate jeweled and enamel materials. Which studs and cufflinks are right for you will depend on your personal style and tastes.

While the cuffs and accessory options of the laydown collar tux shirts are open to personal expression, the color of the shirt is not. Traditionally, tuxedo shirts should only be worn in white. While you may be able to find other colors available, they should not be worn to very formal events.

If you decide that the laydown collar tux shirts are in line with your style and tastes, you will be pleased to know that there is a laydown collar tux shirt to fit every budget. The price you pay for any given shirt will depend on the designer and material that you choose; with the higher-quality shirts costing more than the store-brand stock. Traditionally, prices range anywhere from under $20 to over the $100 mark depending on which laydown collar tux shirt you choose to go with.

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